Depending on where you are based in the world, a lot of state services are available online, including getting married, get hired, or even getting divorced. Many people find online divorce controversial since it’s a long procedure of applying for it, hiring an attorney who will take the case, marriage advisors to try to make the partners overcome the problem, the issue with the children, and their option to choose where they will live, and so on.

We all know that the process is not easy, especially when the partners aren’t on the same side, and they want to take something more from it. If they can’t agree on something, it’s always better to hire an attorney who will run the process, because the topic is pretty sensitive, and usually children are involved. Since it’s possible to get divorced without a lawyer, you have to really think about if you have to do it online or not. Also, online divorces are available under specific conditions and circumstances, and they might not be available in your country or state.

When you decide you don’t want to be married to your spouse anymore, you have to first inform them about your intentions, before you take any step. Can you imagine them not being aware of what is happening? It’s not fair, and you have to set for this together. Online divorce is for those who are looking for an uncontested option, and don’t have some specific demands from the other side for splitting the property, pay child support, and so on. Usually, this option is much cheaper than the regular procedure, and if there are no specific requirements, it can be a good option for both partners. Also, the whole thing can be much shorter, and less time-consuming than the regular way.

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Are these divorces legal and legit?

As we said, in many countries around the world online divorce is completely legal, and you can get the same document as the regular way. But, there are some specific cases you have to be aware of, and that’s why you have to consult with at least two experts before you file the online application.

The good thing is that the service providers will contact the court, and get back to you if something is missing or wrong. According to, you can get an easy online divorce, but only if you qualify for that. Usually, you have to fill up a basic form with the required data, and then answer the crucial questions that will lead you to the quote, and the time estimation. You only have to create the account, answer the questions, and get your papers.

This type of separation is not the easiest way out, and it may last up to a year, or a year and a half until everything is done. In some specific cases, the spouses can ask for an immediate divorce, and the attorney will speed the process up, but the online way is not the real way to do that.

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But, let’s separate the whole thing in a simple timesheet that looks like this:

-Filing the application and divorce forms can get around six weeks until it’s checked, and proceed. The service may have additional questions, so answering them, and giving enough time for a checkup can add two or three weeks to that.

-They will inform the spouse, and send them the needed documents and forms they need to fill up, so the legal process can start. Usually, the other side has at least two weeks to see the documents, check the conditions, and get them back to the service provider, who will then contact the person who initially wanted the divorce, to check if everything is right.

-The Decree Nisi phase can last up to eight weeks because the court will receive the documents, and make the decision to accept the divorce application. In this phase, the judge decides to approve the separation and breaking up the civil marriage.

-The final decision lasts only a few hours, but there are still some legal things that have to be done, including the parenting obligations, and splitting the wealth that was earned during the marriage. This is maybe the longest process in the whole procedure and can last for months until the now ex-spouses set up.

So, if you hoped that online divorce is a shortcut to your free life – you are completely wrong. It’s just easier when you both are sure you want to end the whole thing and start your lives from the beginning.

Also, you have to know that if you have children, you will anyway have to meet your ex-partner at court, for the final decision of who will they live with.

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What if the rest of the family doesn’t approve of the divorce?

It’s the 21st century and your family has nothing to do with your privacy. You and your spouse know the best what do you want and need. Surely, once you were the young person that fell in love with each other, and surely you will want to give another chance to make things up, but if it doesn’t work, the separation is the best solution. Some of your relatives will try to make you change your mind, for the sake of the kids, but as a parent, you surely don’t want to raise them faking a happy marriage.

You are not the first person that is getting divorced, and surely you aren’t the last one to do that. Consider the online divorce as a nice choice when you both know you want that, and there is no need to meet at court for long processes. Also, during the time of pandemics, it’s always a better choice to minimize the situations that require more people present in one room, making life decisions.

In the end, we hope that you are sure you really want that divorce and that you will have a better and happier life after the whole process is done.