Most automobile accidents happen due to the negligence of at least one party. The most common auto mishap is due to drink and drive. Irrespective of any kind of vehicle, the damage is physical and mental. Needless to say, the trauma and stress the family members have to face.

Apart from the mental and physical trauma, the victim also has to deal with the insurance company and the accused. You may have taken the best plan from the insurance company, but it is the job of these financial institutions to minimize the amount during the time of claim.  Many insurance companies refuse to pay the proper settlement amount. It is a shock for those who have already paid thousands of dollars on medical bills.

It is wise to hire an auto accident advocate. They have years of experience, so they know what moves generally an insurance company makes during the time of claim. If you hire an accident lawyer, you can ensure that you will get the proper settlement amount in no time.

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Auto accident compensations can be claimed through an insurance company. The insurance companies are liable to pay for all the losses and damages incurred during the accident. Well, that is why you have been paying a premium for all these years. You have to prove that you’re the victim and you aren’t responsible for the accident.

This is done with the help of the auto accident lawyer. They gather all information, medical reports, auto reports, witnesses, and other necessary documents that prove your innocence. They also arrange documents proving that the other party is liable to pay for the damages as he or she is the accused.

Remember, insurance companies aren’t your friends, so no matter what happens, they will try their best to pay less or deny it completely. When you sign documents, they will promise a lot of things, but during the time of implementation, they will lie or put forward certain clauses that you ignored while signing the contract.

To tell you the truth, insurance companies will never suggest you appoint an attorney. This is because they know clearly that hiring an attorney means getting more money out of them. However, appointing them will help your struggling period with insurance companies. Moreover, most accident laws work on contingency, which means you don’t need to pay an attorney before winning the case. If the lawyer is taking up your case on contingency, then he or she knows that there are chances of winning.

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Useful Tips for Negotiation with Insurance Company

You just need to remember a simple thing that insurance companies are always there to make profits. Therefore, they will not pay as much as you want. However, if you follow a few tips, your negotiation with the insurance company will be pretty decent and in your favor.

1. Claim Immediately

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The best time to contact the insurance company is just after the accident. If you’re unable to contact them due to severe injury, your family should contact them immediately. When you inform them immediately, it becomes easier to give concrete details about the accident, injuries, and property damages. When you delay, you generally forget a few things and end up losing the claim amount.

2. Appropriate Records and Documents

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Prepare a file where you should keep all documents properly. These documents will include medical reports, medical bills, car repair bills, and car damage statements from the mechanic, police reports for the accident, etc. However, if you’re appointing a car accident lawyer, then it’s his or her job to arrange documents and proofs for an insurance claim.

3. Send a Demand Letter to the Insurance Company

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When you have all documents and bills, you can figure out the appropriate amount that has to be claimed. Based on all information, you can decide on a settlement figure and send a detailed demand letter to the insurance company. This demand letter will contain the description of the car accident, the health issues (physical or mental disability), the medical bills and further treatments involved, the cost involved for the car repair, and the claim amount that you think is feasible,

4. Don’t Accept First Settlement Offer

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The insurance company will likely contact you through a representative or an email stating a lower amount of settlement than what you expect. This is the way to start a negotiation because they want to check if the customer knows what he or she deserves.  Reject the offer decently by justifying your point and contradicting every point they mentioned. If your offer is justified, the insurance company will always cooperate.

5. Get Everything Documented

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Ensure that none of the conversations are over the phone. All of them should be through mails. This way you can keep records of all conversations in the form of a hard copy in your file. Also, deny if the insurance company says that they’re recording the call, because they may use it against you later. If both parties conclude, then the contract received should be written and not verbal. The document should be signed by all parties and both parties should have a copy of each.

If you feel it is too much hassle to handle all these legal formalities, then appoint an injury lawyer. Attorneys are familiarized with all the steps that help in obtaining a decent reimbursement and compensation. Always hire an attorney who can focus on your case properly. If the lawyer is distracted by too many cases, they will not provide a decent compensation amount.

Ember you’re not only dealing with the insurance company, but also with the accuser whose negligence resulted in an accident. Handling both of them together isn’t easy. Thus, getting an accident lawyer is the best solution.