Stuttgart (dpa/tmn) – New short gloves for motorcycle need to sit securely. The fingertips are not allowed to initiate when you Enclose the handles uncomfortable.

But it should form no folds or ridges on the inner hand, advises the magazine “Motorrad” (issue 16/2019). The magazine tested ten waterproof pairs short gloves between about 70 and 150 euros.

Against accidental Stripping contactor fixed on the wrist sitting a Velcro strap. He is well covered, he can lose your way anywhere. To protect against injury around sharp edges should be padded to the protectors of the gloves is good.

test winner “very good” is the Hero of Madoc for around 100 euros in front of the same rated Modeka Sonora Dry for around 80 euros – one of the best gloves in the Test. Six gloves are “good”, two “satisfactory”. Only three passed the Tests for water tightness. All the others are information just for light to moderate showers.


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