To grab spontaneously the pocket to throw the neighbor with the apartment keys in the letter box and loszubrausen, without knowing where the journey in the evening ends, is not so easy. With an electric car you have to plan more. The most important aspect of the network of charging stations. Because the Progress is crucial. It must also be borne in mind, how long the Pause needs to be, until the battery is again ready for operation, and where there is then the next power outlet. According to the charging pillar pillar is in front of the load.

holidays with the E-car: Before the departure

fortunately, there are on the Internet, various Websites and Apps, with the trip planning is simplified (for example, Going Electric, Chargemap, Federal network Agency). Ideal for those entering, what kind of car you drive and what plug-in you load, because the Route allows you to plan. In addition, you should consider whether you need to Download a registry. This is done at home on the Computer easier to work on than a bad net.

the choice of accommodation at the resort should be taken into account when Planning, of course, what are the charging possibilities there are for electric cars and whether they are for overnight guests free of charge. Detailed information is also available at the respective tourist office.

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holidays with the E-car: Shop and Pay

Into the Luggage belongs to, of course, a suitable charging cable or a mobile charging station. The stages should be selected so that sufficient Reserve is available, a backlog could otherwise quickly throw the best plans. The actual range is about half of the specified NEDC ranges. Most convenient to refuel at fast-charging stations.

This will take about an hour, in the, for example, to eat in peace may go. There are more and more charging stations at supermarkets or shopping centres, where you can then leisurely stroll can go. The driver of the Tesla models are fine: you can be exclusive to the so-called Supercharger stations are distributed in the whole of Germany.

The payment systems, unfortunately, are not uniform, so that one must employ in order before the trip. The provider the New Motion offers according to its own information of the industry leaders in Europe, with its charge card access to over 100,000 public charging stations in Europe, where a single card is charged.

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holidays with the E-car: The power-on target

The charging network is in Central Europe quite closely. In France, there are around 11,000 charging points in Austria, there are almost 13,000, in Switzerland, about 6,000. Also Scandinavia is a good destination for electric cars. There may also be further benefits, such as Free ferry rides, free use of bus lanes and reductions in the toll.

it becomes Problematic, however, in the South and East of Europe. Italy is still good with a Stromer passable, it is more difficult in Greece, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and Poland, where there are, especially outside of large cities few charging opportunities.

holidays with the E-car: What to do in case of a breakdown?

Despite all the planning and careful preparation, it can always happen again. The biggest fear of the electric car driver should be on the road – for example, in a traffic jam – the battery will go empty. A breakdown statistics yet, but the ADAC reports that in 2018, approximately 400 E-car operations (approximately four million inserts in total), with around a third of the problems at the 12-Volt-starter batteries were. All the Yellow angels have completed a special training course for E-vehicles. The cars themselves warn very early and very strongly in front of a depleting battery. This, then, is empty, is towed the vehicle from the ADAC to the next charging station.

The manufacturers maintain for your E-car breakdown Hotlines that can help and, if necessary, the empty driven E-car towing. BMW has their own mobile Service units, so-called Mobile Recharger that can charge on-the-spot. Hyundai is currently operating such vehicles in the test. This is to be achieved after 15 minutes of charging time for a range of 25 kilometers.

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