How to disassemble the packages of food in a pandemic coronavirus

Photo: screenshot of live TV channel Moscow 24

Muscovites in the TV channel Moscow 24 gave tips on how to properly parse the packages of food in a pandemic coronavirus.

In a situation of threat of the spread COVID-19 Metropolitan residents increasingly began to use the services of food delivery at home. At the same time, to reduce the risk of infection, you must follow several important rules. They relate to the process of production and further packaging of products.

During checkout in the store app, you must specify the wish of a contactless delivery. That is, the courier must make a reservation in front of the door. To meet him is the gloves and the mask and subject to the social distance of 1.5 meters in accordance with the measures taken by the Moscow authorities with March 30.

you Then each package is wiped with sterile alcohol wipes. Delivered vegetables and fruits are better to wash with soap and water or antibacterial gel.

If we are talking about prepared food, a box it is also necessary to disinfect. In particular, if we are talking about the pizza, you better eat it on your plate, and not from the brought the boxes.

People use different ways of destruction of potential infection on the packages. So, the inhabitant of Moscow angelina Dubrovskaya processes brought food by the steam generator. And Mila from Canada washes under the tap even the packaging of the bread, or chocolate bars.

Experts warn that precautions are important to follow because the coronavirus can live on various surfaces for at least 72 hours. Doctor Philip Kuzmenko and does believe that hands should be washed after contact with the packaging or the end of cooking.

“After you have finished cooking or touched any of the packaging, the hands again you need to wash, before starting to eat,” – said Kuzmenko.

He also said that the infection often occurs due to the fact that people touch their mucous membranes shellKi unwashed hands.

Previously, the Muscovites gave advice on how not to be infected with coronavirus in the trip to the store. In particular, they are advised to wear masks and gloves and not to touch anything extra in the shops.

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