The chief doctor of the Botkin hospital called infected with coronavirus Protsenko wounded in the war

Chief physician of clinical hospital № 40 in Kommunarka, where treated people infected with coronavirus residents of Moscow, passed test positive for coronavirus. Protsenko said that he feels good – the disease occurs in a mild form. Medic isolated themselves in his office, where remote operation.

Gusev said that Protsenko contracted the coronavirus, doing his medical debt. According to him, the doctor puts the patient’s life above their health, although doctors do everything to minimize risks.

“I hope that no one will dare to accuse Denis Protsenko that he was infected by the coronavirus during the war, injuries can not be avoided,” – said Gusev and wished the President a speedy recovery.

According to experts, even the most experienced doctors are not immune from infection. As for Denis Protsenko, he communicated not only with patients with confirmed infection, but also with many other people. “Not necessarily that he contracted from patients with symptoms possibly from their environment,” – said “MK” known infectious diseases, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Nikolai Malyshev.

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