Hygiene divers: how to wash Russian sailors

Another 05/03/20 Hygiene divers: how to wash Russian sailors

the Term Autonomous navigation (avtonomki, as the sailors say) of modern submarines is six months. That is, sometimes for six months the sailors are in a confined space under water, not seeing the light of day. And besides, from a nuclear Arsenal that could wipe out the earth Kingdom or a part of America, they are separated by metal partitions and a couple dozen meters of space. Recalls a former submariner Vadim kulinchenko, in such uncomfortable conditions, the burning desire – simple and human. For example, the desire to take a bath.

you Should immediately tell that to the submariners in the Autonomous navigation bath is a distant dream. But wash it is quite possible. Even the old submarines there are several showers. They, however, is the washing of personal things. However, in this particular need in every wash (1-2 times a week) – sailors give the new underwear sets, and the old gather and already in the port give for recycling. Specialized Laundry on a submarine is not provided.

Usually bathing used seawater, which is the minimum clearance. And to sailors was not the irritation of the skin, for daily hygiene of they get special cotton swabs impregnated.

However, on modern submarines of project 941 (the biggest nuclear submarine in the world) created a much more comfortable environment. There’s even a padded natural wood mini sauna and a small swimming pool which can be filled with desalinated water.

need Much more than regular washing is going to the toilet. Underwater ships as many as two head (as the sailors call the toilet). The head of the submarine looks more like toilet train toilet with foot pedal flush. After clicking on it, waste of human life sobirayda in a special tank, which from time to time is blown with compressed air for cleaning.

it tells Nikolay Cherkashin in his book “Daily life of submariners”, the trips to the toilet and the procedure on the boat is strictly regulated. After all, if you click on the flush at a moment when the treatment system pressurized (is blowing), then the contents of the bowl will fly into the room.

seawater is used not only for bathing but also for cooking and drinking. Only in this case it is the purification and desalination. Drinking water – only cold, but washing (salt) – on the contrary, only hot, or rather warm, it is usually heated to a temperature of 30-40C.

From sea water to submarines produce oxygen by electrolysis. Forming in the process hydrogen safely output.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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