Ice will last in Moscow till Friday

Photos: Moscow 24/Nikita Simonov

Yellow level weather risk was extended in Moscow and the Moscow region until 11:00 Friday, February 14.

the Meteorologist explained that the city still exists the threat of icy conditions. The icing on the highways and pedestrian roads may be formed due to temperature changes.

Earlier, experts of the Russian national Association of winter road maintenance, called the domestic approach to the fight against ice is unique. This factor, according to experts, is determined by the individual models for individual cities in the country.

According to the chief specialist of the Moscow Weather Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova, after 11 February, the air temperature in the capital will be kept at the level from 0 to plus 2 degrees. Significant temperature drop will not be even at night. While the weekend is expected to be small and precipitation is almost spring thaw.

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