The Pentagon published a map of the activity of the Russian Navy

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Map with the marked areas of increased activity of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy has published the Pentagon. As reported RIA Novosti, the document was published in preparation of the U.S. military budget in fiscal year 2023.

the Us military has noted high activity of the Russian Navy off the South-Eastern coast of the United States, in the North Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea. Also the significant presence of the Russian Navy noted in the Arctic.

the Greatest activity in China, according to the map, is concentrated in Chukotka, the South China seas and the Western Pacific.

“Our global enemies continue to build up its naval forces and expand the area of their operations and cooperation with each other. For example, a battle fleet in China has increased over the last decade, from 262 to 335 surface ships, while Russia continues to invest in advanced submarines with hidden features”, – the document says.

Earlier, experts have estimated Russia’s chances in the local war with the United States and its allies. In the event of a protracted war, the Russian air force will not be able to resist the Western coalition, the experts found.

As reported, the US and its allies for waging local wars create a powerful group of the air force. This is evidenced by experiences of previous conflicts such as in Iraq and Yugoslavia.

the Commander of US air forces in Europe and Africa Jeffrey Lee Harrigan said earlier that the Pentagon is developing a plan to overcome the air defense system in Kaliningrad. He stressed that Washington is always ready to respond promptly to any possible “Russian aggression” in Europe.

it was Specified that in case of implementation of the plan is to go full offensive from air, land, sea, space, and attacks in cyberspace. In addition, the U.S. can use electronic warfare. Air force commander noted that it “will be very timely and effective skill”.

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