“Let’s Dance” sees the audience again with Cindy from Marzahn. In the evening (May 1st, 8:15 p.m. at RTL), Ilka Bessin (48, “Abschmminkt”) will slip into the role that once made her famous and present her magic moment dance. The appearance as her alter ego should remain an exception, however, says the comedian. Standing on stage in pink sweatpants, with blonde hair and lots of make-up is definitely a thing of the past. Only “for a good cause” would she get the Cindy costume out of the closet again.

But why did Bessin say goodbye to her stage character? One of the reasons was that they gave their opinion – and wanted to be taken seriously, she reveals in an interview with RTL : “I had a lot of political issues on stage where I thought: if people understand this, they take me for it Do they take it seriously? Or do they think I’m making fun of it? ”In 2016 Bessin appeared as Cindy for the last time for the time being. “I think I stopped at the time when it was most beautiful with ‘Cindy from Marzahn’,” concludes the comedian.


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