Immunologist called the cause of the symptoms about symptoms of coronavirus

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

About the symptoms COVID-19 may appear on the background of the unnecessary worries that a lot of people in the spread. The person may have a fever, start coughing and appear chest pain, told immunologist Vladimir Bolibok.

According to the specialist, to get rid of about of the symptoms will help a psychologist or therapist.

He explained that stress triggers an increased release of hormones of the adrenal cortex. If they are for a long time are at a high level, the immune system is inhibited.

“we Know that in stressful situations people empowered where before he didn’t have – lift heavy objects and jumps high. Today, a person like this “lift” needed rarely, because the modern world is safe enough. However, the feeling of stress we firmly lodged in the mind and fueled by the disturbing thoughts,” – said the expert.

According to psychologist Irina Korchagina, against the spread COVID-19 hypochondriacs became a lot of people.

the Specialist advised to sing loudly because it helps to distract from negative emotions. You can also dance to develop hormones of happiness.

CPS has advised citizens to watch less news about the coronavirus. Experts stressed that the latest information on coronavirus, readers should refer to official sources such as the world health organization (who).

the Department also advised the Russians on the isolation to pay attention more to their health: eat right, exercise, keep regular sleep, communicate with family and friends.

When a stressful situation citizens are advised to seek medical or psychological help from professionals. The Department urged not to suppress such as alcohol, tobacco or other substances.

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