Police in Moscow amounted to 145 protocols in respect of the defaulting savisalo people

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Kirill Zykov

the Capital’s police have made 145 reports against people who violated the regime of self-isolation, reports TASS with reference to head of the press service GU MVD in Moscow, Vladimir Vasenina.

we are Talking about citizens who are not entitled under any circumstances to leave the apartment – returning from abroad, or contact with patients with coronavirus.

the Protocols drawn up against them under article “Disobedience to a lawful order officials of the body implementing the state supervision.”

Vasenin said that on the streets increased the number of external police squads. It can assist the doctors and the ambulance, check the adherence of isolation and identify those who came from abroad and broke the order of Rospotrebnadzor.

Sergei Sobyanin has signed the law on establishment of responsibility for violation of the regime of isolation and the imposition of fines.

the Moscow city Duma Deputies on 1 April adopted a law introducing administrative liability for citizens, obliged to observe the regime of self-isolation at home or in a hospital.

in Addition, the document determines the order of application of the system of urban surveillance to detect violators.

For violation of the isolation of Muscovites will be fined on 4 thousand roubles. If the citizen leaves the apartment and moves in transportation, we will have to pay 5 thousand rubles. The penalty for repeated violation will be 5 thousand rubles. The vehicle will be withheld.

the Penalty for violation of the suspension of work of enterprises for citizens will reach 40 thousand, for legal entities – up to 300 thousand, for a repeated violation – up to 500 thousand.

In the regime of self-isolation will involve public order. Formed teams will patrol a certain fixed territory.

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