In Desgraves told what items need to be disinfected often

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Andrew Nikulichev

the Department of health capital urged to disinfect sanitizer, watches, leashes for animals, headphones and keys.

“Nobody thinks about the fact that we take sanitizer with dirty hands and put it in a different far from sterile places. Therefore, enter a rule – disinfecting hands, at the same time to wipe and sanitizer”, – reports the Agency “Moscow”.

In the Department noticed that the strap of a conventional clock accumulates a lot of harmful bacteria during the day. The same applies to leash a pet, which owners exercised.

In disinfection need a charger for your phone and headphones, which are in contact with the skin. Recommend to handle the keys, the TV remote, door handles, children’s toys and household objects such as combs.

In Roskoshestvo reminded that thorough hand-washing with soap is one of the most effective methods of prevention of coronavirus. According to who recommendations, the water temperature is unimportant. The importance of time and the thoroughness of washing, it is advisable to wash hands for at least 30 seconds. Especially important is the space between fingers, nails and the inner side of the wrist.

the Head “highways” Alexander Oreshkin said that the streets of the capital are treated with a disinfectant solution by means of special equipment three times a day. In addition, the city hosts round-the-clock disinfection of all premises that continue to operate in the city.

Disinfection of buses of private carriers, working under government contracts in Moscow, is carried out after each flight. In the subway and WDC cleaning and disinfection are regularly.

IN TMS cars that drive through the city daily, are disinfected before and after the work shift. Processed the buses of Mosgortrans, the drivers before departure to measure temperature.

the day in Russia 954 confirmed cases coronavirus infection. Most of all in Moscow – 591, in the Moscow oblastand – 82.

In 80 regions of the country to date, recorded 6343 case. The day was discharged from hospital 51 person – for the entire period 406. According to the latest who data, in the world – more than 1.13 million cases of infection COVID-19, almost 63 thousand people died.

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