Moscow pianist gave a concert on the balcony in the period of self-isolation


Adam gave a concert on the synth on the balcony of his apartment, Kosmodamianskaya embankment in the period of self-isolation. Pianist Bela Kartashev told Moscow 24 that he wanted to socialize with their neighbors.

“We have all seen and Italians, and Spaniards, who sing, play sports on the balconies. And we have silence. Just something to socialize people. Even in such challenging times, we can continue to chat, listen to music, to feel that we are not alone in their apartments”, – said the pianist.

However, according to the girl, none of the occupants of the house to call did not respond. “Not to say that the idea worked. The neighbors never came out. I think repeat play on the balcony,” said Kartasheva.


the singer Denis Maidan gathered on balconies and at the Windows of the entire neighborhood and gave a small concert.

currently in Russia more than six thousand cases of coronavirus. With about 900 people carry the disease is mild and treated at home.

on March 29, Sergei Sobyanin has imposed restrictions on the movement of capital within the framework of the efforts to prevent large-scale spread of coronavirus. The apartment will be permitted to leave only for seeking emergency medical help, for a hike to the nearest shop or the pharmacy to take out the trash or walk the dog, go to work, if there is such a need.

While outside the apartment, it is recommended to keep distance with other people in one and a half meters.
the same measures introduced in the suburbs, and then in many regions of Russia.

April 2, Vladimir Putin said that the regime of self-isolation will last until the end of the month. He also stated the need to introduce more stringent measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The decree containing the new order of the President already signed.

Streets of Moscow were empty because of the coronavirus

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