In Krasnoyarsk the man was found dead 3-year-old son and ex-wife

Photos: Moscow 24/Anastasia Cornicina

In Krasnoyarka, investigators find out the circumstances of the death of a 3 year old and his 32-year-old mother. Their bodies were found in the apartment of the boy’s father, reports the website “Arguments and facts”.

According to investigators, the man was divorced with a woman, but periodically visited the child. Once again, he came to visit on January 28, however, he opened the door. He decided to sneak into the apartment through the balcony and found the bodies of the child and women.

According to preliminary data, the woman could first kill the child and then commit suicide, reported in the UK in the Krasnoyarsk territory and Khakassia Republic.

the Investigators have to find out all circumstances of an event.

Earlier in the apartment in the North of Moscow near the bodies of the mother and her friend had discovered the child. Body with numerous injection marks were found in the bathroom. The preliminary cause of death was an overdose of potent substances.

three-year-old boy was locked in the room about 10 hours. Doctors and psychologists monitor his condition and say that now he communicates and plays.

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