In Minsk has estimated the probability of war between Russia and Belarus

Photos: Moscow 24/Anastasia Cornicina

the Chairman of the Commission of the lower chamber of Parliament of Belarus on human rights, national relations and mass media Gennady Davydko commented on the words of the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko that between Moscow and Minsk will be war.

Davydko have found a similar official statement of the country’s rash, and also noted that Pristayko easy talking about this because Kiev has nothing to lose in relations with Moscow.

He added that the relations of Minsk with Russia is as complicated as any of the States, however assured that the war between the two countries is unthinkable, never going to happen. The MP also said that Belarusians and Russians are brotherly Nations, but because “you should hang onto it”.

“that’s right, because we have the example of Ukraine and we have a slightly different character, all the different mentality of the Belarusians, and the relationship with Russia is absolutely other, at a much higher level”, – quotes RIA Novosti words Davydko.

in Addition, he said that the petty conflicts of an economic nature between Belarus and Russia should not be turned into political and especially the military.

Earlier pristayko said that if the citizens of Belarus want to stay independent, they inevitably expects war with Russia, similar to what is happening in Ukraine.

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