The construction of large sports facilities in the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow will be completed in 2024-2024 years

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Construction of a universal sports hall “Druzhba” ice Palace “Crystal” and the tennis club in the sports complex “Luzhniki” will be completed in 2024-2024 years. This was told Sergei Sobyanin during the inspection of works at the objects.

“we Continue an active reconstruction of the “Luzhniki”. Here at the same time built some of the largest objects. After entering the center of rhythmic gymnastics and water sports here now build a “Crystal” – is a hockey sports center. “Friendship” (a playpen. – Approx. ed.) is in fact going again: his design had lost its vitality and was a disaster. Built one of the largest centers of tennis, we start this year the construction of two international centres – Boxing and Sambo. So there’s enough. All objects are under construction, in movement, in the design. I hope that the basic objects, the main construction work to 2024-2024 years will be completed,” – said the mayor of the capital.

Deputy General Director for construction group of companies “Domestic Systems and Technologies” performing work at the facilities, Andrei Podporin noted that to complete the construction of a universal sports hall “Druzhba” is planned before the end of 2024.

In 2016, the decision was made to reconstruct the universal sports hall “Druzhba”. Work began in January 2018. Terms of reference and the concept was developed on the basis of regulations of the Russian volleyball Federation, the Association of mini-football of Russia, the Russian basketball Federation and the federations of other sports.

during the reconstruction, there will be equipped with a Central hall with an area of about two thousand square meters, has three multifunctional rooms, a gym, medical rehabilitation room, meeting room, press center, cafes, methodological, administrative and other premises.

Provides automated telescopic bleachers with the possibility of extension from 1 up to 9 rows for events with different requirements, as well as the separation of the stands into 3 parts to accommodate the basketball stands. As a result, the HSS “Friendship” will be a multi-purpose hall for sporting events and concerts. The hall’s capacity will amount to 3.1 thousand people.

it is Assumed that the “Friendship” will be held competitions in eight kinds of sports: tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, fencing, wrestling, acrobatic rock-n-roll, sports, dances and mini-football.

due to the presence of numerous entrances and zoning of the object flows of people attending events in different halls and rooms, will not intersect. At the moment is the installation of roof cladding material, facades and entrances, heating systems, equipment individual heating unit, glazing of facade openings, the arrangement of the facade drainage trays.

work on the application of flame retardant on the internal load-bearing metal structures, the arrangement of the outer air channels, the device of external engineering networks. The end of reconstruction is planned for the fourth quarter of 2024.

Earlier, experts completed the installation of the metal roof of the ice Palace “Crystal”. The installation of a roof with an area of 10.4 thousand square meters, nearly 1.2 thousand tons of steel, 8 thousand square meters of the membrane and 2.4 thousand square meters of tiles.

the Building will consist of three aboveground and one underground floors with a total area of 24.5 thousand square meters. The ice Palace will appear in place training rink “Crystal”, which was closed due to an emergency condition for more than 10 years ago.

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