In Moscow, convicted kidnapper elderly twins: relapsed

As described in the Kuntsevo court, 50-year-old Rimma Belashenko found guilty of fraud in the sale of apartments elderly Muscovites. The swindler acted outside the box: deceived is not the old, and buyers willing to close our eyes to the strangeness of deals for cheap square meters. So one client’s “realtor Rimma” reported that a single pensioner in the street Garibaldi for 2.5 million rubles is willing to make a contract of annuity, but to see is not advised — as if grandpa changes his mind. The speculator showed potential buyers the documents proposed to issue a power of attorney, pay the advance payment in the amount of one million rubles. After the submission of documents for registration Rimma pleased customer, I have to wait when the apartment will be released “naturally”. Next time women was found in the investigator’s office. The documents were fake, the deal isn’t done.

in a Similar way was “sold” two more apartments at Lomonosovsky Prospekt and on the street 4-ya novokuzminskaya. Thus neither the pensioner was not injured — the living space as belonged to them, and belong. Belashenko had an accomplice in the state structure (it is now also under investigation), which produces the data owners. According to him, the con artist made fake copies of passports, the application for the sale of the property and contracts of annuity.

got Belashenko when you are unable to call back fake, she still had to be credible to apply “for registration”.

In court, the crook also tried to use my abilities to say: five years ago her husband died, she was left alone with five children. But it turned out that all the children of Belashenko are adults. A biography of the widow really was dramatic. In 2009, 39-year-old Rimma of Bulashenko and it 33-the summer cohabitant of the citizen of Ukraine Arthur Kazimirov was tried in the city Railway for extortion, illegal imprisonment and torture. They deception brought from Moscow two 75-year-old twin sisters and putin the basement of a private house, where lived relatives of Belashenko. Over two years the prisoners starved, were driven out into the cold, beaten and tied to a fence until they rewrote Moscow apartment on Kazimirova. Criminal arrested a couple after they ran off another victim. After serving five years, the realtor started up again.

As reported by “MK” in the Kuntsevsky Interdistrict office of public Prosecutor, the state Prosecutor asked to send Belashenko in the colony for six years. Kuntsevsky court was limited to three years. Also, the convicted filed a lawsuit from the victim 2 million 495 thousand rubles.