Scientists from the SKOLKOVO found a way to destroy coronavirus

Photos: Moscow 24/Eugene Smolyan

Russian scientists from the SKOLKOVO came up with a way to effectively fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses. About it write “news”.

a New tool called “Maharil”. According to scientists, it is processed by cold plasma water.

Experts believe that the development will be an effective weapon in the fight against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. In the water, the proteins begin to break down, and after drying on the treated surface there is nothing left.

the new tool has the following scheme: cold plasma as a gas of charged and uncharged particles falls in the plain water. There the atoms lose some amount of electrons, then no longer able to gather in the molecule H2O. The result of the process of various forms of oxygen and hydrogen can damage cells viruses.

in addition, to help in the fight against the virus will be able hypochlorous acid.

“one tenth of One percent of the salt of such acid in water prevents the growth of coronavirus. The much more acid to its salt. This suggests that such liquid will not only stop breeding, but will kill the pathogen,” – said the head of the SKOLKOVO-based companies “Magaril Aqua lab” Dmitry Balabolin.

it is Noted that the cold plasma treated water is safe for humans. The specialists say a small production cost of the drug is about $ 100 per thousand liters.

Earlier, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that he knew a way to kill the coronavirus. He stressed that measures against infection were adopted in the region in a timely manner.

Yesterday, scientists in Russia have developed a high-precision test for the diagnosis of coronavirus. Diagnostic kit has successfully passed clinical trials.

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