Playwright Leonid Zorin buried 3 APR

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

Playwright Leonid Zorin will be buried April 3, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

As told by the writer’s son, the ceremony of farewell and funeral will be closed – only members of the family.

Leonid Zorin died on the night of March 31 at the age of 95 years. He heart stopped.

Russian playwright Leonid Zorin released the first book in nine years. Poems by a young author like Maxim Gorky, and he wrote about it in the article “Boy,” which was printed in the newspaper “Pravda”.

In 17 years, Zorin became a member of the Union of writers. Among the most famous plays Zorin “Warsaw melody” (1967), “the Decembrists” (1967), “Royal hunt” (1974), “the Pokrovskie gate” (1974), “Copper grandmother” (1975), “Carnival” (1981) and many others.

His plays were staged by such Directors as Georgy Tovstonogov, Eugene Simonov, Yuri Zavadsky. In the movie Zorin as a screenwriter he worked with Eldar Ryazanov (“nowhere Man”, 1962), Alulim Alexander and Vladimir Naumov (“World incoming”, 1961, and “the Law”, 1989), Sergei Michaelena (“GM”, 1974), Vitaly Melnikov (“the Royal hunt”, 1990).

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