In Moscow held a 6.5 thousand studies on the coronavirus during the day

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Sergey Kiselev

the Laboratory of Moscow over the past day spent 6,5 thousand studies of tests for coronavirus infection. It is reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova.

“Moscow is rapidly increasing research on coronavirus. Since the launch of the urban laboratories less than a week. And if in the beginning they spent an average of 4 thousands of studies per day, today is already 6,5 thousand people”, – said the representative of the municipality.

According to Cancer, production capacities allow the company to continue to hold for 10 thousand studies a day.

the Mayor also said that in the capital, expand the circle of persons who are required to take the test. Previously the check was performed, including patients with pneumonia, and now the sample will begin to take the relatives of these patients.

“the First step to preventing the spread of the pandemic is the increasing number of people who need to check for coronavirus… the first day I have taken about 400 tests,” – said Rakova.

an Additional category of people who take samples with symptoms of SARS – citizens over 65 and people with chronic diseases.

Over the past day in the Russian Federation 228 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection in 26 regions. In Moscow, identified 114 new cases.

In the capital, disinfect all public places

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