The Cabinet commented on the plans to restrict the transportation of the country

Photo credit: TASS/Vladimir Gerdo

the Russian Government has not confirmed or denied a possible limitation of passenger transportation air and rail transport across the country because of COVID-19. About it reports TASS.

“do Not confirm, but not refute these reports,” – said the press-Secretary of Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation Boris Belyakov.

Earlier in the media appeared information that the Russian government is discussing the potential termination of transport communication inside the country.

it was Also reported that the Federal air transport Agency allegedly proposes to reduce the number of flights within Russia to combat the spread of coronavirus. Subsequently, the Department has officially denied this information.

Russia currently has completely stopped flights from other countries, with the exception of a number of export voyages.

Over the past day in the Russian Federation 228 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus infection in 26 regions. In Moscow, identified 114 new cases.

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