In Moscow taxi driver stole from a customer's Bank card almost 500 thousand rubles

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

In the capital, the taxi driver was stolen from the Bank card of the client is about 500 thousand rubles, if someone learns the PIN code at the ATM when the victim withdrew the money to pay for the trip. It is reported TASS with reference to press-service GU of the interior Ministry in the city.

As specified, the police asked a resident of Moscow. He said that unknown stole his card 490 thousand rubles.

“as a result of carrying out a complex quickly-search actions police officers detained the suspect on Bolotnikovskaya street. They found 40-year-old newcomer. Kidnapped he disposed of at their discretion”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

the press service said that the victim was driving home on a private taxi, during the trip, he asked the driver to stop at the ATM to withdraw money. During withdrawal of cash, the driver saw the PIN and then stole the card.

“At another ATM, the attacker took her money, and then quietly returned to the passenger the map and dropped him off,” – said the press service GU MVD in the city.

On the given fact the consequence of a criminal case.

Earlier it was reported that in Kirov drunk woman stole the car of a taxi driver who offered to take her home. The incident occurred on a Sunny street. The woman used a taxi to get home, but the taxi driver said that she had no cash, and the PIN code from the Bank card forgot.

the Driver agreed to take her on the condition that refuel at its expense, as contactless payment on the card.

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