In the UK for the first time a parachutist paratrooper was a woman


the Captain – gunner of the British armed forces Rosie Wilde became the first woman who managed to pass the 21-week training course and become a parachutist paratrooper, reports TASS.

She will serve the force to support the 16th airborne brigade. British women are allowed to serve in all military units of the country. However, Wilde was able to go through a complex training course, which lasted 21 weeks.

it includes the overcoming of the marches at different distances in full armor and with a backpack. Also as part of the course, the soldiers working at a height of 17 meters to overcome the fear of heights. The last test is a 60-second fist fight.

previously, the women tried to take this course, however, the first to overcome all the trials succeeded Wilde.

last year, July 12, in Spain emerged the first woman to be awarded the rank of General. Talking about the 56-year-old Patricia Ortega Garcia, who became a Brigadier General of Engineering-Polytechnic corps of the land forces of the country.

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