In Moscow, the children Packed up and left home

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Two children left home in Moscow. The incident happened Sunday night at the 1st Khoroshevsky passage.

According to preliminary data it became known that the children collected a suitcase of things and then left the house. However, they stopped communicating.

Later both children were found by police. Source TASS in law enforcement bodies said that the children were in one of the hostels in the center of Moscow.

“Children found, their life at the moment is not in danger. On this fact being tested, installed all the circumstances of the incident,” the source added.

According to some, the reason for the departure of children from the home began to quarrel with parents.

Earlier, six-year-old went from a kindergarten in Maine. The police received a message stating that on Pyatnitskoe highway is a little boy without parents.

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