The doctor said that the only effective way to prevent COVID-19

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has Become well-known the most effective way to prevent coronavirus infection COVID-19. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the Deputy Director on scientific work of the Central research Institute Central research Institute of epidemiology, corresponding member of RAS Alexander Gorelov.

the Specialist noted that vaccination will help in the prevention and other infectious diseases.

“Anything else mankind has invented to date. Vaccinations gave humanity the 25 years of my life,” said Gorelov.

the Doctor also said the timing of the emergence of vaccine COVID-19. He went on to say, the developers of medicines have faced some difficulties.

“About 20 companies, including Russian companies, began the development of a vaccine. Only one problem – no lab animals that are susceptible to the coronavirus. This pushes the time of appearance of the vaccine,” explained the doctor.

He expressed hope that the vaccine in the world is held together, and Russia will take this process an active part.

“I think we’re going to deal with the pandemic coronavirus infection, hand in hand,” concluded Gorelov.

In addition, the expert noted that the flu vaccine does not protect against COVID-19.

Earlier, the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka told about the surprise from the age of the patients with COVID-19. The expert noted that the disease all the more difficult to tolerate patients with chronic illnesses.

in addition, details became known of the condition of the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka. March 31 test Denis Protsenko on identifying COVID-19 gave a positive result.

details Became known of the health of the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka

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