In some cases, conducted reconnaissance in the great Patriotic war

Another 07/03/20 In some cases, conducted reconnaissance in the great Patriotic

About this technique of obtaining information about the enemy as a reconnaissance, many have completely the wrong idea. It is believed that in performing this exploration, all soldiers of the unit or part with which it is entrusted, doomed to certain death.

write About this many historians and participants of the great Patriotic war. In the collection on the front-line scouts, “I went to the front line”, are the memoirs of Shalom scopas. A Jew from Vilnius, who had escaped from the Germans, he served in the 16th Latvian division, which sent everyone at least something related to Latvia. He writes in his memoirs that reconnaissance was called “reconnaissance by death”.

indeed, carrying out reconnaissance, is widely practiced in the red Army in the great Patriotic war, very often ended tragically. This topic is much in the book of Vladimir Beshanova “the Year 1942 – “training”, where the author cites a lot of documents and memories.

As a rule, reconnaissance was carried out by the battalion. Those to whom it is entrusted, the true purpose did not know, and believed that they were engaged in this offensive. However, their attack was not supported by the neighbors, was not fire support, and even if successful, the reinforcements were not. The task of advancing was to open the defense system and to detect the gun emplacements of the Germans. Went to such an attack is indeed doomed to death. Beshanov cites the example of memories of this exploration forces penal battalion, of which 306 people were left seven.

mainly to conduct reconnaissance used penalty part, but it was not always so. In the book of memories “From Stalingrad to Dnepr” Mansour Abdulina is a description of the reconnaissance on the don front, when one night almost died 1034 th regiment 293-th infantry division. This regiment was formed byfocus of students of the accelerated release of the Tashkent school — in fact the elite part. But the whole history of these students missed one attack, and unfortunately, nearly useless.

the Most unpleasant fact was not even the fact that conducting reconnaissance fighters and commanders of the red Army doomed to death — in war you often have to send people to certain death, but the fact that most of these victims could be useless. Reconnaissance itself is not very effective, and in the red Army it was even less successful, sometimes formally. Battalions went on the attack, German artillery opened fire, the goal seems to be detected. However, when I began the present offensive, often it turns out that the extracted information is insufficient or they are not accurate, something did not, did something wrong.

It would be wrong to assume that any reconnaissance is the actions of suicide bombers. Such methods of obtaining information about the enemy used in the armed forces of all countries of the world, and not always they lead to more victims, the more useless.

According to the definition in the statutes of most armies, reconnaissance is used to obtain information about the enemy in a situation when other methods are not, and this is carried out by imposing clashes with a specially prepared parts. In this way, “the crux of the matter” tragic experience of the red Army in similar operations. Because reconnaissance was also the most simple way, that it was not when all options were exhausted. And used no special parts, and of the penalty box, which was not a pity.

But there are a lot of examples where it was engaged in intelligence, and in this case, the picture is different. With proper training, experienced units, could the Germans be forced to open fire, and themselves under it did not get.

the Wehrmacht also used the same method of exploration, but in the German performance it looked completely different. Such operation was carried outAI, intelligence units, which created a simulated attack. The fact that the German army does not go in attack chains, as shown in Soviet films. And therefore, create a situation in which the Soviet command believed that the attack started on one of the sites, the Germans were easier and it does not lead to large losses.

nowadays these techniques are used widely, of course, try to do entirely without victims. The current level of robotics was quite possible.

Reconnaissance carried out even in peacetime. Overflights of NATO near the borders of our airspace — not that other as intelligence. These actions lead to activation of defense systems, and in today’s war it is necessary to know not so much coordinates the deployment of troops, all kinds of electronic data, codes, wavelength, operating frequency, etc. The hunt is on for this, and the fact that the aircraft is not fired — does not change the fact. Moreover, the pilots conducting such flights are at real risk, since the possibility that someone will not withstand the nerves, or just fail electronics, always real.

today, However, the people who conduct the reconnaissance and provide the maximum possible degree of protection from enemy attacks. Not only in air but on the ground. The changing nature of warfare today, allows you to provide much better safety of personnel even in such difficult operations as reconnaissance.

Cyril Shishkin

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