A few restrictions that had been in place during the Corona pandemic had only recently been loosened in badly hit Spain. That’s why Paralympics swimmer Ariel Schrenck wanted to train on the beach in Sant Pol on the Costa Brava near Lloret de Mar. However, this training session was almost his last training because the swimmer was followed by two sharks.

During his training session, Ariel had suddenly heard his mother’s screams from the beach. She had suddenly seen two shark fins protruding from the water behind her son in the sea. Fortunately, the mother’s cries made the swimmer aware of the danger. At that moment, the distance between Ariel Schrenck and the sharks was less than 100 meters. When the swimmer turned around, he recognized the danger immediately and began to swim quickly towards the beach. In an interview with the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Ariel says: “At that moment I felt terrible panic and started swimming like crazy. I think it’s the fastest 100 meters I’ve ever done. ”

After the swimmer was able to save himself on the beach with his last strength, he thanked his mother for the warning that had allowed him to narrowly escape the sharks. This shock moment will probably accompany the 19-year-old swimmer for some time. The day before, the Spanish police had released pictures of a basking shark. The animal had been sighted in front of the Costa Tropical in southern Spain. The shark spotted there is said to have been more than 2.5 meters tall. Kayakers and water sports enthusiasts were expressly warned to approach the animal. The authorities had also reported that this shark species was said to be non-aggressive.



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