In the Federation Council proposed to introduce fines for Parking on lawns

Photo credit: TASS/Vladimir Smirnov

the Federation Council has made the initiative on the introduction of responsibility for the Parking of cars on lawns and littering in the wrong places, according to RIA Novosti.

In the upper house of the Parliament touched upon the issue of the prohibition of the dissemination of wapow and analogues of Snykov. In the Federation Council discussed the problem of trade in unspecified places.

MPs have Also considered the question of the appearance of responsibility for violation of peace and order at night. All this is discussed in the framework of the work on the draft of the new Code of administrative offences.

“unfortunately, a number of fundamental issues requested by the regions, while not considered”, – said a member of the Federation Council Committee for constitutional legislation Irina Rukavishnikova.

She noted that the initiatives coming from the regions, will be summarized and submitted to the interdepartmental Commission dealing with the development of a new Cao.

Earlier in the framework of the new legal instrument proposed to introduce liability for “domestic drunkenness”.

the Prime Minister of Russia Michael Mishustin has not supported the idea of increased penalties for speeding on roads.

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