In the Kremlin commented on the possibility of the operation of Turkey in Idlib

Photo credit: TASS/Ghaith Alsayed/AP

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov commented on the possibility of the beginning of military operation of Turkey in the Syrian Idlib, reports RT.

According to him, if we are talking about the operation against the legitimate Syrian forces, that’s a worst case scenario. If we are talking about operations against terrorist groups in Idlib, followed by actions in line with the Sochi agreements. He noted that the neutralization of terrorist groups is the responsibility of the Turkish side.

Earlier, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Turkish military operation in the Syrian Idlib – a matter of time. He stressed that Turkey will not leave Idlib, “the Assad regime” and its supporters.

yesterday it was reported that Turkey and Russia agreed to continue talks to resolve the Syrian Idlib. The Turkish side insists on the implementation of international obligations of the Sochi Memorandum Iglinsky area of de-escalation and withdrawal of the Syrian army outside the city. We are talking about the planned 2.5 years ago the borders.

the First phase of the negotiations, countries took place last week in Ankara amid escalating tension in North-West Syria. During the meeting the sides discussed steps to promote the political process in the country.

Putin and Erdogan agreed to improve the efficiency of joint action in Syria. Both leaders stated concern about the worsening situation in Iglinsky area of de-escalation. At the same time, Putin drew attention to the Turkish colleagues for a sharp increase in terrorist activity.

February 10, it became known that the government forces in Damascus carried out the shelling of a Turkish observation object in Idlib. The attack killed five people.

the defense Ministry of Turkey stated that, in return, struck the 115 Syrian targets. It is argued that 101 soldiers “neutralized”, and destroyed three tanks and shot down the helicopter.

Four zones of de-escalation in Syria was established in accordance with the may agreement in 2017 at the talks in ACTanya representatives of Russia, Iran and Turkey. In 2018, three areas came under the control of Damascus.

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