In the MANAGEMENT felt warranted the maximum fine for speeding

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

the Increase in penalties for exceeding the maximum speed you need to increase the safety of all road users, said the Deputy head of TMS Arthur Shahbazyan.

“My personal opinion is that the penalty in 5 thousand rubles – this is not “horse” measure. There are fiscal violations, there are violations that affect the safety of people. In this case, the speeding intentionally. It’s hard to imagine a driver who accidentally exceeded the speed of 60 kilometers per hour”, – quotes the words of Shakhbazian “Interfax-Moscow”.

he Also said that the management of a transport complex of the capital reported its position to the Federal authorities about the need to increase fines for speeding.

on January 30, the Ministry of justice published a new draft of the administrative code. Want it to enter into force from 1 January 2023. Regions must lead the local Cao into compliance with the new Federal until January 1, 2023.

the Document has reduced the number of administrative offenses. Are not subject to performance already rendered a decision on bringing to administrative responsibility for offences not included in the new version of the code. Reduces the deadline for mandatory work: 60 hours instead of 200.

Tougher penalties for speeding and regular traffic violations, refusal of medical examination and stop at the request of the police, attempt to escape. For repeated violation the driver shall impose a fine up to 10 thousand roubles or deprive of the rights for a year.

Can be imposed the fines for underfill of fuel at petrol stations in the amount of 1% of revenues. A new article “Dangerous driving” involves a fine of 5 thousand rubles.

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