Matkapital will be possible to redirect the pension savings for other purposes

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Denisov

In the state Duma introduced a bill according to which proposed to give women the right to redirect the shot with the formation of the pension savings for other purposes if necessary. The authors of the bill was made Vice-speaker of the lower house of Parliament Igor Lebedev, the head of the Duma Committee on labour and social policy Yaroslav Nilov, as well as deputies Dmitry Svishchev and Elena Strokova, reports RIA Novosti.

“Sometimes after purpose of pension, the need arises to redirect the matkapital on other information provided by Federal law purposes such as the improvement of housing conditions, the education of the child, for the purchase of goods and services for social adaptation and integration into society of disabled children”, – the authors of the bill.

Under current law, after the date of appointment of the pension the woman loses the right to allocate funds for other purposes.

the Authors also note that the current legislation provides for the possibility of refusal of citizens from other types already assigned to their pensions.

Earlier it was reported that the FIU has prepared a draft on extension program netcapital to the first and second child. The head of the organization Maxim Topilin stressed that the separation of the Fund are prepared to change and to numerous appeals. He was assured that experts will cope with the tasks.

Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly stated that parents will have the right to receive the parent capital at a birth of the first child. The program of the parent capital it was proposed to extend until December 31, 2026. Payment for the firstborn will be 466 thousand 617 roubles from 1 January 2023, for families with two children 616 617 thousand rubles.

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