In the suburbs died the first patient with a coronavirus – Oberstab

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Alexander Avilov

a Woman with a positive diagnosis of novel coronavirus infection has died in Moscow. It is reported by the Operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in the Moscow region.

“In the Moscow region died 65-year-old patient with confirmed coronavirus infection. Upon admission to the hospital she was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia,” – said in the telegram channel staff.

According to official information, the infected were a number of serious concomitant diseases. In particular, the patient had diabetes, cardiovascular disease. In addition, in 2019, she suffered a heart attack.

currently, the suburbs recorded 119 cases of infection COVID-19. Fully overcome the disease could 14 patients.

In recent days, Russia has recorded 303 cases of infection with coronavirus in 35 regions. 212 of them are in Moscow. Thus, on the territory of the Russian Federation total was 1,836 people infected with COVID-19.

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