Lithuania considers

according to the Lithuanian President Gitanas Nausea, the Russian troops, taking advantage of the pandemic COVID-19, on the contrary, intensified in the Baltic region. Now this requires an increase in expenditures.

in addition, the Lithuanian leadership insists that NATO troops, despite dozens of cases, remained in the Republic. They convince the combined staffs of the Alliance that the coronavirus for Lithuania and the Baltic States is much less of a threat than a possible Russian invasion. Thus, Vilnius is hoping to preserve the number of NATO military forces on the territory of Lithuania.

– by Reading this, I remember about the Georgians, against the backdrop of the fashion industry suddenly realized that they are not wanted, neither the EU nor the United States – says “MK” military expert Alexei Leonov. – As for the Baltic States, and Lithuania, in particular, it’s a special “clinic”. They used to earn on Russophobia. It used to work before, and now Western and Central Europe is busy saving herself. At the same time that Lithuania found themselves in the trap – she had to remind you that about myself, shouting about the alleged “aggressive Russia”. After all, that is what the EU at the time was making them money. But it is nonsense that goes sideways.

the Expert noted that whatever money Lithuania did not set aside for opposition to alleged “Russian aggression” soon they won’t even be on the contents of a small army. And if now not to stop, they risk to suffer from a coronavirus. Moreover, notes Lenkov, almost all qualified doctors now working outside the Baltic States.

In Lithuania, stationed a few units at least seven States allied. Among them are mechanized battalion from Germany, numbering several thousand people. It is known that dozens are already infected with the coronavirus. However, the Lithuanian authorities claim that infected the NATO forces do not threaten anyone – they are not in contact with the population.