In the USSR there were children born from German occupation

History 26/03/20 in the USSR there were children born from German occupation

no One today can say how many of them there were official counts of children who were born during the years of the great Patriotic war in the Soviet Union from the aliens, the invaders, we were not (in any case, evidence on this point). Called number up to 100 thousand people – but it is only assumptions of Western historians.
one thing is Clear: never on purpose, with the consent of the appropriate Soviet organs, such half-caste children, or as they are called, “niemczyk”, we have separately publicly slighted.

“True Aryans” didn’t hold back

As we know from the history of the third Reich, Hitler to manic was obsessed with the theory of the purity of the Aryan race. Based on this provision, no full-blooded German was not supposed to enter into communication with the representative of other nationalities.
the Nazi occupiers in occupied countries often violate this prohibition. Was no exception and the Soviet Union. The German command was forced to respond. At first the intimidation.

in June 1942, soldiers of the Wehrmacht in the occupied areas of the USSR handed the “notes about the German soldier.” There, in particular, was a warning: “you have to limit contact of the soldier with the female half of the civilian population – because of the threat of harm to the purity of the German race”.
It didn’t help. Less than a year later, in March 1943, was released another document on sexual relations between Germans and Soviet women. According to the decree of the commandant of the eagle, major-General Adolf Gamana (hanged in December 1945 in Bryansk): “… giving birth to a child from a German soldier, Russian mother have the right to alimony”. Such Orlovchanka relied for 30 marks per month.

the Polls removed and put in the orphanage,

how Soviet authorities treated during the war women giving birth from the Nazis and to himself, “niemczyk”, we today can learn from the surviving German documents of the time.
Quote from the report of the Abwehr (German military intelligence), composed after a brief occupation of Kharkov by the Soviet army in 1942; according to this testimony, the troops of the NKVD were shot in the town of 4 thousand inhabitants: “…many of them are girls, make friends with German soldiers, and especially those who were pregnant. It was enough for three witnesses to be eliminated…”.
Historians found in the archives a letter to Deputy people’s Commissar for foreign Affairs Ivan Maisky sent to Stalin concerning the fate of children born of Soviet women from the invaders. Academician believed that the need “… polls to withdraw all these “netcat” to change their names and send to orphanages.”
Unknown reaction of the Generalissimo to this letter. The history only it is clear that thousands of residents of the occupied Soviet territories after the great Patriotic war were subjected to various kinds of repression on various occasions. But never women, sozialstaatliche with the invaders and born as a result of these connections, the children are not publicly allocated to the separate category of “traitors” and not indicative indulged ostracized.

Experiments on “Nazi caviar”

to understand how the Soviet Union officially belonged to the “niemczyk” and their mothers, you must compare this ratio with the similar experience of other countries once occupied by Nazi Germany.
In France, which almost without a fight surrendered to the Nazis, more than 18 thousand “horizontal collaborationists” was a year sent to prison, they sheared and shaved defiantly drove through the streets of the cities like cattle. It was the year of the so-called “national shame.” On the Internet a lot of photographs confirming these facts.
the Netherlands in 1940, the year after the German attack capitulated after 5 days. In may 1945 during the street mob justice there were killed about 500 “girls for Krauts”.
In Norway, when the local women with Hitlernative-born occupants of more than 10 thousand children. According to official data, 5,000 women who gave birth to children from the Germans, was sentenced to one and a half years of forced labor, and 90 percent of the “German bastards” or “Nazi caviar” was declared mentally incompetent and sent to a home for the mentally ill, where they were kept until 1960-ies. Known that these “subhumans” used for testing medicines. Only 11 years ago the Norwegian Parliament was brought a formal apology to these innocent victims of war, and the Committee on justice approved the compensation for the sufferings in the amount of 3 000 euros – those who still survived.

Hunger and fear, but not the lust

In the Soviet Union over the “niemczyk” and their mothers never mocked. Exiled to Siberia – Yes. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands – the exact statistics again does not exist. This, in particular, a film of well-known domestic actress and Director Vera Glagoleva “One war” (2009), based on real events.
But many witnesses claim that there were only two main causes that pushed the Soviet women and girls to have contact with the Nazi occupiers, fear and hunger: they were afraid to be killed in case of refusal, or went on such a step, to feed themselves and their children. It happened and voluntary alliances with the Germans, but they were the exception rather than the norm.

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