Are you having trouble selling anything online? Some people rely on one digital platform to sell their products. But, remember, the one platform you are using could be the least popular. So to increase your sales, you will have to join as many platforms as you can. The San Saru e-commerce, market their jewelry on social media platforms like Tiktok, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter. Each of these platforms is unique, so your marketing strategy will change depending on the platform.

Do you want to learn how to use these social media platforms? Here is a guide on each platform and some of the marketing strategies you could apply.



People generally use this platform to post short videos of about a minute long. But, of course, you could still post videos more than a minute long if you want to. One thing to bear in mind is that Tiktok consumers likely have a poor attention span. Knowing this, we ensure that our marketing videos are short while still getting to the point.

Most Tiktok users use it for humor. To entertain them, market your product through skits. Skits make your product more memorable instead of merely recording yourself describing your product. Additionally, people join the platform because they like to do dance challenges. For your advert to go viral, perform dance challenges to also market your product.


Pinterest is the best platform for users who want to view images. For example, we have posted photos of our jewelry on the platform as jewelry sellers. By viewing our pictures, the users can browse through products they like and then order them.

Besides clients looking at your images, the platform also helps drive traffic to your website. It is a requirement to link your website to the images you post. The more traffic your website gets, the more companies will be willing to advertise on your website. Think of the traffic as an added advantage besides clients seeing your product.



As a new user on the platform, you will start with few followers. Marketing to five followers may not make sense to you, so you may deem it pointless to market your product to them. Instead, you could go the unethical route and purchase Instagram followers. The drawback is that some followers may not engage you since some of them are bots.

We market our product on the platform by paying for sponsor advertisements. Fortunately, you will pay $1 to $6 for the ad. Your sponsor advertisement will display your product to anybody using the application whether or not they follow you.


Users turn to Facebook whenever they want to see product listings. You can find product listings on various Facebook groups. Every second, people create Facebook groups. For our case, we sell jewelry, so we search for groups, particularly for marketing products. There is no limit as to the number of groups you can join.

The platform has over two billion active users! Therefore, the best way to reach these followers is through purchasing a Facebook sponsorship advertisement. It can cost you up to $12. When the users spot your advertisement, they will likely flock to your Facebook page. If your page gains more followers, companies will probably contact you to market their products on their behalf. Once again, you will earn some money on the side.



As you market your product, you will soon learn which product your clients prefer. Telegram allows you to discover what customers like through Telegram polls. For example, whenever we create the polls, we find out that clients mostly like our earrings. As a result, the polls have helped us focus on marketing the earrings more and other jewelry pieces less. So, use the polls to ask the users what they like.

Many users like this mobile application due to its unlimited storage. Telegram users do not need to worry about videos occupying space in their phones. It means you can post videos to Telegram groups and users will open the videos knowing that the clips will not limit their cellphone’s storage. While the users watch your marketing videos in the group, the users will give you instant feedback. As a result, it is a good application for interacting with potential clients directly.


It is a platform where people visit the sites to view content ranging from memes, videos to Twitter advertisements. On Twitter, you have all manner of ways of marketing your product. Before deciding how to market your product, first create a page on the website. Next, you will want to gain many followers.

To gain followers, get into the habit of tweeting regularly. Followers like engaging with an active user. You could tweet about anything, but remember to focus more on your product. Another way to get noticed on Twitter is by commenting on trending topics marked with a hashtag sign. As long as you talk about the trending topic, the platform’s algorithm will display your tweet conspicuously.


Memes are mainly humorous. If you decide to market your product using memes, be careful not to appear offensive or insensitive through dark humor. Only a few comedians can pull off dark humor without being offensive. As a brand, you can easily ruin your reputation, and this will cause clients to avoid your products.

Just like other similar platforms, you can purchase sponsored advertisements. The beauty of these advertisements is that you can work with whatever amount you want. There is no standard amount. Also, both followers and non-followers will spot your advertisement and contact you when necessary.


Marketing with social media platforms is so helpful. Through the platforms, local and international clients can reach you. However, as much as you are trying to gain new clients, remember customer service is vital.

It is not uncommon for companies to ignore client queries or answer them back insolently. By acting up towards your clients, you will lose them all. On the other hand, do not forget the effort you made in seeking clients. You would not want to go back to the drawing board. If you feel that your customer service is outstanding, focus on joining the identified social media platforms and market your products aggressively.