Infected with coronavirus ocean liner was for US a big problem

In modern mass culture flag with a skull and crossbones aka “Jolly Roger” is a constant attribute of a pirate ship. In reality, it really is often used by pirates – but not in order to indicate their belonging to the coastal brotherhood. The skull and crossbones was the last remedy, it was lifted when the situation became quite desperate. When the pirate ship came under the attention of a great military leader, the pirates were the only chance to leave safely: call the reluctance to contact them and verify that the ship came in sight of the military. To do this, on a pirate ship and raised the “Jolly Roger” flag, which means “on Board epidemic, any contact with this vehicle is dangerous and can lead to infection relying ship”.

In the present circumstances for a long time nobody uses such notations, but the problem remained. When the ship announces that happened on Board the epidemic, few ports ready to take the ship. Especially if this epidemic is incredibly contagious coronavirus, which infected the overwhelming majority of States.

It is the same problem faced cruise ship “Zaandam”, which came from Chile on March 21 and had a leisurely pace to go to Florida where and to finish the swim on 7 April. However, soon after leaving port the ship has begun to spread infection. The captain of the ship hoped that he will be able to go to the nearest port and to abort the flight, however, South American countries, one after another refused the infected ship were all afraid of the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. As a result, all over the fact that even Panama is not allowed to “Zaandam” to dock off its coast, and the vessel remained only one way – to go through the Panama canal to the coast of the United States of America.

By the time the approach of the liner to the point of destination, on Board was not only infected, but victims of the epidemic. During PLavania 4 people died, several more are in serious condition. Port Everglades in Florida – the last hope of this vessel. If America does not agree to accept “Zaandam”, the ship is doomed on the long search for another port and on the death of an unknown number of people.

Yet to help the “Zaandam” came the liner “Rotterdam”, which is on your own risk and agreed to take on passengers “Zaandam”, which did not have symptoms to try to protect them from the epidemic. It might work if none of the passed on Board the “Rotterdam” is not infected. But otherwise, the danger may already threaten passengers and crew of this vessel.

At the moment both ships are off the coast of America and are awaiting permission from Florida. And in the state of bargaining. Republican Ron De Santis is not eager to take the ship, he alludes to Donald Trump that in their state, the situation is already very difficult.

“We can’t just let people who are not even residents of Florida, land in South Florida, even if they have good reason,” said De Santis.

And really – in the “sunshine state” has already diagnosed more than 4,000 cases of infection with coronavirus, and the Governor of Florida obviously doesn’t want to take 2,500 passengers ships, of which it is unknown how many people are infected.

At the same time Donald trump promises that he will “do what’s right”. And the right “not only from the point of view of the United States, but also in terms of humanity.” The President is desperately trying to negotiate with other States, but no one wants to take the ship instead of Florida. Any Governor, who agreed to it will look weak. But if the epidemic of the ship spread to ordinary citizens, this decision and all it will cost him his career.

And yet, trump is determined. Looks like he still gets to Florida took ship. But it will cost you – not money, but more valuable commodity in these times: masks, ventilation devices lungs and tests for coronavirus.

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