Information about U.S. dependence on oil supplies from Russia has denied

Photo: AP/Gregory Bull

the US Economy is not dependent on the supply of crude oil and petroleum products from Russia, according to news Agency “national news service” with reference to the member of the Committee on energy strategy and development of fuel and energy complex of the chamber of Commerce Rustam Tankaev.

He noted that 60 to 70% of the petroleum products the Americans produced from crude oil. Most often they use either methane or ethanol derived from corn.

“the United States will not allow real dependence on the supply of oil and oil products from outside. There is a special doctrine in the United States the desire to achieve energy independence and the US in this regard is quite able to solve this problem,” – said the Tankan.

however, he noted that the production of petroleum products in similar ways is more expensive. So the Americans would be more profitable to obtain oil supplies from Russia.

Previously, the U.S. Department of energy has recognized that Russia is the second largest importer of oil in the country, losing to only Canada. In November 2019 the level of supply has set a historical record at 19.2 million barrels.

Belarus began the fence of the technological oil from the branches of the main oil pipeline “Druzhba”. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy said that the country wants to buy oil from Russia at a price equivalent to 83-85% of the global value.

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