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Iron Mask – under this name remained in the history of the mysterious prisoner of Louis XIV. All that is known about this person, the number under which it was listed in the Bastille (64489001). Presumably, were born in the 40-ies of the XVII century. Were kept in different prisons. In 1698 the first was finally placed in the Bastille, where he died.

Historical information

actually, prisoner No. 64489001 was not of iron, but only a velvet mask. She had to conceal his identity from outsiders, but not to serve as a means of torture (as iron). Even the guards didn’t know what kind of criminal wears this mask. The mystery has gradually become a reason for the emergence of numerous legends.

for the First time about prisoner in the iron mask mentioned in the “Secret memoirs of the Persian court”, published in Amsterdam in 1745. The author notes indicates that the number 64489001 in the casemate contained a Royal illegitimate son of Louis XIV and his mistress, the Duchess de La Valliere. He bore the title of Earl of Vermandois. In conclusion, got for slapping, which he gave to his brother, the Dauphin is Great.

This version is absolutely not wealthy, since the real Earl of Vermandois died at the age of 16 years old in 1683-eat. Prior to that, he managed to take part in the war with Spain, so that the time for such a long sentence, he just wasn’t there. The Jesuit Griff, who served at the Bastille Confessor, wrote that for the first time of a mysterious prisoner was brought to the Bastille in 1698-om, and he died in 1703, eat.

the Elder brother or twin of Louis XIV

Later Francois Voltaire suggested that the man in the iron mask could be the half-brother of Louis XIV. The king did not need opponents, so he made a brother in the Bastille, pre-ordered to wear a face mask. Obviously, this could be associated with all of the mystery which surrounded this prisoner. This conjecture Voltaire expressed in his work 1751 “Age of Louis XIV”.

Anne of Austria has long been considered sterile. She then gave birth to an illegitimate son then was born and legitimate heir to the throne – Louis XIV. The latter, having learned of the presence of the older brother, decided to kill him. In addition, there were rumors that he and Louis – not a native son of the king. It questioned his right to the crown.

to Execute the son of a French Queen and his brother Louis XIV could not, therefore, chose to permanently imprison the unfortunate young man to prison. Wearing masks is a way to hide the secret that could cause a coup. The name of this alleged older brother lost to history.

has Also been speculation that Iron Mask — and is the twin brother of Louis XIV. The appearance of the Royal couple twins male spontaneously created a lot of problems with the succession. One of the sons of the Queen had to sacrifice in the name of preserving stability in the country. The boy was brought up secretly. Growing up, Louis XIV found out about the twin brother, who was like him as a reflection in the mirror. Fearing for his crown, Louis ordered to eliminate a rival.

Ercole Mattioli

the Fourth version was the assumption that under the mask was hiding the famous Italian adventurer Ercole Antonio Mattioli. In 1678 ohms between him and Louis XIV the agreement was signed: Mattioli undertook to persuade his Lord to give the king the fortress of Casale. Italian safely sell state secrets to several countries for a substantial reward. For this he was betrayed by the French government life imprisonment.

General Buland

the Reason for the emergence of another steel version of the secret memoirs of Louis XIV. The French king led an encrypted diary, which after a few centuries deciphered knonice cryptographer étienne Bazari. It turned out that the prisoner in the mask could also be a French General Vivien de Boland, covered themselves and to France disgrace in one of the battles of the Nine years ‘ war. This version, like all others, has not been proven 100%.

the Real Peter the great

Different historians and researchers, intrigued by the great mystery, continued to put forward various versions regarding the identity of the prisoner in the iron mask. The majority of historians have come to believe that they could be one of the conspirators who dared to threaten the Royal power. Among them: lothringer Armas, Royal Minister Fouquet, cardinal Mazarin, etc.

Another version to even touch Russia. According to her in the Bastille was awarded the Peter I, and the true king. In 1698 – that’s when the Bastille appeared prisoner no 64489001 – supposedly there was a substitution of the Russian Tsar. Peter then undertook a diplomatic mission (“Grand Embassy”) in Europe.

went abroad the true, Orthodox Russian Tsar, who honored sacred traditions. Ago back a European, dressed in “infidel dress” and a bunch of wild for Patriarchal Russia of innovations. Then began to say that Peter the Great abroad, replaced by an impostor. This substitution was later connected with the Iron Mask. Still not known who actually wore it.

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