warning: This Text reveals the content of the current eighth season of “Game of Thrones” and from all of the previous seasons. Anyone who has not yet seen all the consequences, and rather wants to be surprised, should really stop to read.

Great or horrible, dull to brilliant: The on Monday sent “Game of Thrones”Finale is among the Fans and hotly debated, the makers had to for the implementation and some of the Story decisions and a lot of flak. One of the accusations expressed now, Jon snow actor Kit Harington and him decisively rejected.

“One of my Worries was that we would leave with Cersei and Dany are two strong female characters fail,” said Harington in an in-depth Interview with the magazine “Esquire”, which he had given before the airing of the finale. Indeed, it was precisely this aspect was taken care of in the case of some Fans for criticism: The series was sexist, cursing applied to the audience in social media.

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says Harington to the tyrant Daenerys

Harington looks the but different. “I think the justification: Just because they are women, why should you be the Good? You are the most interesting characters of the series. And that has made “Game of Thrones” has always been”, he explains his point of view. “You can’t just say, strong women are good people. Dany is not a good man.”

For Harington, but this is a strength of the series. “We can discuss, but in this series, nothing happens, what does not fit to the characters. And when will you ever see a woman in a dictator game?” Even if the idea will split the Fans, he sees them as part of a long development. “She has done terrible things, she has let people crucify him, they burnt alive. Built up slowly.”

He sees the Problem more in the audience. “We need to tell the audience: ‘you have the truth about this woman locked up. Did you not know that there is something wrong. I was complicit, you have cheered their actions.'”

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