Some of the Logos of car manufacturers are changing over the decades, just barely, and then there’s Mazda. The Japanese company has repeatedly revised its trademark, and sometimes even several at the same time used. What is the significance of the present-day Mazda-holds Logo, we can tell you.

the symbolism of The Mazda Logos

In every city is to discover it on the road with the Mazda Logo. A silver Oval surround, adorned with silver wings, the vehicles from Japan. This basic form of the logo since 1997, she received 2015 latest minor Revision. What wants to Express Mazda but with the Logo of a flying bird reminds?

The V-shaped wings are supposed to symbolize growth and improvement, explained the US-Website of Mazda. The Emblem is intended to show the determination of the Japanese to constantly build better cars. Supposedly the wings are also available for flexible Thinking, creativity, vitality, kindness, and resilience – that must be very much imagination to this Interpretation follow.

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A special feature of the Mazda lettering

when you look at the Mazda Logo along with the lettering more precisely, is likely to make an interesting discovery. All the letters of the “Mazda” are written in small letters, just not the “D”. But there is obviously a simple explanation.

+ you Have the Mazda logo been viewed more closely?© picture alliance / dpa / Everett Kennedy Brown

in order for wool to bring Mazda’s something to the expression – level precision and reliability said. Therefore, all letters should have the same size. No one is allowed above or below to survive. A small “d” would ruin the “looks”. For this reason, you have decided to go for the big “D”, while all other letters are lowercase.

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The history of Mazda Logos

First, the Name Mazda emerged in the 1930s. At that time, the Japanese built Transporter with three wheels. On this emblazoned at the time, only the lettering “Mazda” – written at the time, with a large “M” and the Rest small. The Logo was used until 1954.

use Also in the 30s, Mazda another brand. There is such a thing as wing showed at the time. At first glance, it looked like a river, and this Association did not want to arouse Mazda also. It should represent the Ōtagawa, a river in Mazda’s hometown of Hiroshima. The Logo came from 1936 to 1959 is used.

From 1954 to 1974, used Mazda, once again, only the lettering for its cars outside Japan. The Japanese wrote all the letters uppercase. The lower case came up only in 1975, and was supplemented in 1997 by the famous wing symbol.

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