It became known, on what transport is safe to travel in a pandemic COVID-19

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

Taxi is the best mode of transport for travel around the city in a pandemic coronavirus infection. Despite this, not all cars checkered are safe, said on radio Sputnik Chairman of the Moscow Union of taxi drivers Nicholas Kodolov.

it is Known that the Russians recommended to observe social distance in half-meter, but to do it in public transport is not quite possible.

Kodolov claims to keep a safe distance between each other in a taxi. It is necessary to sit to the right side in the back seat.

“There is the order of the chief sanitary doctor in the car that a taxi should be alcohol-based remedy for the treatment of surfaces, hand gel, antiseptic wipes and three masks. If the taxi driver car rental from the fleet, most of these parks got the kits and gave the drivers”, – said the Chairman of the Moscow Union of taxi drivers.

he Also said that all drivers are strongly recommended to wipe the door handles of the car and ventilate the interior of the car. While taxi companies are required to monitor the health of drivers and to conduct medical examinations before starting taxi on the flight.

In this regard, Kodolov warned Russians against traveling in private taxis as put in control of the drivers of such vehicles impossible.

“They are sick in the line out, and this one and no way to check, is the main problem”, – he concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the demand for taxi services in Moscow during the regime of isolation fell three times. According to the DMV, roads in the capital are 80% freer than three weeks ago. Urban transport was empty, the taxi drivers started counting significant losses, as the conditions of isolation, there are almost no clients.

the Demand for taxi services during the quarantine fell three times

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