Lukashenko shared his expectations of integration with Russia

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the Day of unity of peoples of the two countries.

it says that Lukashenko expects the integration of Belarus and Russia mutually acceptable solutions “in the true spirit of the Alliance”.

the message reads, in particular, that two countries are at the threshold of a new phase of unification. It is noted that the development of “mutually acceptable solutions in the spirit of this Alliance” will be a major stepping stone for the future of the peoples of both countries.

in addition, it is noted that the beginning of the integration processes in the framework of the Union state contributed to the content of the relations of the two countries more meaningful. It has created real benefits for effective economic and social development of Russia and Belarus.

the leaders Also expressed the belief that they in the future will be able to maintain the high dynamics of bilateral and integration cooperation.

meanwhile, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent Lukashenko a congratulatory message in connection with Day of unity of peoples of the two countries.