It became known that men want to on February 23

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

it Became known that the want to men the Day of defender of the Fatherland. A survey on this subject conducted by VTSIOM, RIA Novosti informs.

So, men most want to on February 23, attention from loved ones. This option was chosen by 27 percent of respondents. While 17 percent of respondents expressed a desire to get a new car. 15% of men dream about vacation packages. Another 13 percent of respondents want an apartment or a house.

Among other options, the men most often chose the attention from the state (11 percent), money or a rod items for fishing (10 percent), a ticket to a concert, to the theatre or dinner in restaurant (7 percent), gadgets (5%), workbook (5 per cent) and instruments (4 percent).

With 14 percent of male respondents said they do not want to get the nothing.

a nationwide survey on this topic was held on 18 Feb 2023 among 1.6 thousand of Russians over the age of 18. Method of research – telephone interview.

Previously, forecasters said the weather on the Day of defender of the Fatherland. According to forecasts, the temperature in the coming weekend will determine the Atlantic cyclone.

it was Also reported that in Moscow on February 23 will launch more than 10 thousand fireworks. Start a colorful show scheduled for 21:00 on Sunday.

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