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It “doctors-killers”: how Stalin solved the “conspiracy” against the party

It “doctors-killers”: how Stalin solved the “conspiracy” against the party

History 26/03/20 it “doctors-killers”: how Stalin solved the “conspiracy” against the party

“doctors ‘ plot” in 1953 – the name of the notorious criminal case against the famous doctors in the Soviet Union, 6 of whom were Jews. Doctors were accused of conspiracy against high-ranking officials of the CPSU and the murder of prominent party members. The reason for the start of the investigation were the events of 1948. Doctor Lydia Timashuk put to the Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU(b) Zhdanov, Andrei a diagnosis of “myocardial infarction”. But “pressure” of the authorities not only had she prescribed the wrong treatment, but also rewrote the history of the disease – causing comrade Zhdanov died in a few days.

the campaign for the eradication of cosmopolitanism

background of the case “doctors-killers”, in fact, was the final phase of the campaign for the eradication of cosmopolitanism in the USSR. Was originally conceived as a good thing, but soon acquired an ugly shape, spreading the ideas of anti-Semitism.
the doctors have roots in 1946, when Stalin to consolidate their positions first removed from the leadership of the NKVD Lavrenty Beria. Instead, General Merkulov (approximate Beria) has appointed Viktor Abakumov. The Communist party became more “Leningrad” – Zhdanov, Kuznetsov, Voznesensky. Kuznetsov was appointed head of the medical and sanitary Department Dr. Egorova – who in the future will appear in the “case of doctors”. Exactly Egorov gave Timashuk “right” to treat Zhdanov, and the cardiologist wrote a denunciation to the Central Committee of the party. Stalin ordered to send a report to the archive, however, a year later, on the basis of this accusation Alone had to do the “cleaning” in the Kremlin hospital to keep her position.

How did the thing

January 13 1953 all the major Newspapers in the USSR published a report with the following heading “the Arrest of a group of doctors-saboteurs”. The report said that “some time ago organs of state security had uncovered a terrorist group of doctorsshe aims through sabotage of treatment to reduce a life to active figures of Soviet Union”. He further stated that these doctors have abused their position and trust of patients, diagnosed patients the wrong disease and the wrong treatment killed them.
In January 1953, officially approved the arrest of doctors-saboteurs, most of whom were Jews: altogether, Ettinger, Feldman, Kogan, Greenstein. All showed the same charge – the “Zionist” anti-Soviet plot against prominent members of the Soviet Union. Also accused as members of the Jewish bourgeois-nationalist organization “Joint”. And Vinogradova and Egorov, declared a long-standing agents of MI-6. Arrested them earlier, but the company has received information only in 1953.
Lydia Timashuk, who “told” of the CPSU Central Committee about the secret scheme of doctors-saboteurs, was awarded the Order of Lenin. It was declared a national heroine, who was “…a symbol of Soviet patriotism, vigilance, uncompromising, courageous fight against the enemies of our homeland”

Investigation of

Stalin believed that the arrested doctors are associated with the exploration of England and the United States. He gave the order in any way “beat” the truth out of prisoners, to understand the motives of “killer doctors”. Naturally, neither of which conspiracy the doctors didn’t know and insisted on the innocence. Then all the prisoners were transferred to another prison for tougher interrogation methods.
Head of investigation was appointed Lieutenant Colonel Ryumin. In 1951 he informed Stalin about the conspiracy of Jews in the KGB. In October 1952, a conspiracy of Jewish physicians was confirmed, doctors were arrested. In late November, the “broken” information seemed enough to prove the guilt of the doctor-murderers. But Stalin was not satisfied with that, he will continue to put pressure on the Ministry of state security, so the arrests continued.

the completion of the investigation

19 January 1953, a special employee of MGB Nikolay Months was appointed to conduct an independent investigateds the case of doctors-saboteurs. N. M. Knipovich was appointed by Stalin. Within a few days of work over a matter of Months I realized that the case was fabricated, evidence of falsified and invented, as “the origin of chronic and age-related diseases is the result of exposure doctors criminals.”
a Month later, the case was declared invalid due to false and fabricated evidence. March 5, 1953 Stalin died and the anti-Semitic policy in the media ceased. Lavrenty Beria on March 13, 1953 brought the abolition of the criminal case, and on 3 April the doctors reinstated.
Awarded the order of Lenin Lydia Timashuk 4 APR 1953 deprived of the rewards promised security of tenure and authority. But the promises are not kept: in 1954, she was dismissed into retirement in the Prime of her medical career, without the right to service housing and personal medical retirement.
Lieutenant Colonel Ryumin for abuse of authority and bullying was fired and arrested. In 1954 he shot.

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