Since 1882, is celebrated in the United States, the Memorial Day to commemorate on this day the soldiers who fell in war for their country. Since 1971, this holiday is celebrated on the last Monday in may. Even if it is in the first line to the memory of the dead soldiers, are also the active members of the military and veteran veterans to the fore. “Thank you for your service” to get these then of many of the citizens said: “Thank you for your service”.

However, the military service should not only be a service to the own Nation, he should also be of benefit to the soldiers themselves. So the US Army was there, at least for this year’s Memorial Day on your Twitter Account. There, the army published a Video of a Private (corresponds approximately to the rank of corporal), and said that he would have been in the military the opportunity “to give something to others and to protect my Love”. Of the former and current soldiers, the Army wanted to know: “How did your military service to you?”

Former U.S. soldier reports from the war

experiences Probably the most Social-Media-managers had hoped for a similar pathetic and Patriotic answers. There were, however, only a few. Instead, the Tweets came fast, which is the opposite voice: bitterness, grief, disappointment. Many soldiers or their family members reported how the time in the army you severe damage – and even death.

crash of the soldiers In 200 missions he fought in Iraq – at home he’s a drug addict and serial Bank robber By Gernot Kramper

“I served well and made life long friends, but had a mental disability due to my military service. If I could turn back time, I would never go to the army,” says a man. Another tells of his Depression and post-traumatic stress disorder: “I am disabled 100 percent, it has taken me a quasi-life. I can’t be with people.” The government, he accuses: “You don’t care enough about veterans – neither financially nor psychologically. We are simply thrown away once we are hurt.”

depression and nightmares – but at least “good money”

A gay soldier told how it fared with him after his Coming Out was: “The army kicked me out and I had to pay back my scholarship. Today, I am 45 years old and still in debt.” In the past few decades, the United States have conducted numerous wars, current soldiers are stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq. The fights there can leave permanent damage in the case of many of them – physically, but especially mentally. A former soldier reported “depression, anxiety, and nightmares”, but at least there was “good money”.

for many families, relationships and friendships, the war meant experiences of an incision. Some Users told the stories of their grandfathers and fathers, to give voice to those who no longer can Express your sorry self. Just an example of a Tweet: “some days my father can only cry because of his trauma, which he inserts into the War after the 11 September get has. On other days, he no longer recognizes me and my mother. His therapist says, his brain will always remain in war mode. Thank you for that.”

source: US Army on Twitter



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