Beautiful moments with Niki Lauda there were many. To me, our first joint victory for the Mercedes Team out immediately. Or my victory in Monaco, where Niki has moved to the races, literally, his hat, the red cap to wear in front of me. He has always stood with a huge amount of respect for me – especially after the couple of races that were so right and my services honestly and with joy accepted. That was very impressive for me. to be

Just by Niki Lauda with the recognition that was always very close as a Mercedes-in-chief, means to me a lot. When I won in 2016, finally the world champion title, we have celebrated together without end. This Moment is one of my absolute Highlights with Niki.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg, 33, started in 2006 in the formula 1. From 2010 to 2016, he stood at Mercedes under the contract. In 2016, he became the world champion in formula 1. Niki Lauda has accompanied him as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Mercedes-racing teams up to the top and said after Rosberg’s world championship title in the star: “Nico has the instinct of a giant killer” and understand “that he needs, in addition to his talent in a car”. A few days after winning the world championship Rosberg announced his career end.

on the way, there were also difficult moments. For example, as Lewis Hamilton and I 2014 in Spa-Francorchamps are colliding, and me from many pages of the fault in the collision was given. Also Niki had a clear attitude. This was not easy for me.

nevertheless, Even in these moments, Niki was always the one who tried to understand all the parties. He always acts as a mediator so that we can find each other again. He has made very strong and was also for the Team-the key to success. I appreciated to Niki is always very. He could be angry, but also always has worn, we all stick together.

another difficult Situation of my career, of course, was the end. For him and the Team was my resignation first step: I just became the champion of the world, was a strong rider and is important for the Team. I didn’t necessarily understand his reaction to my resignation, but I could understand part of it.

opinions differ on just sometimes. But also because it was easy and then went back for an ice-cream in our ice cream parlour in Ibiza to eat.

Fullscreen ©Paul Ripke I have to give Niki Lauda a huge thanks to

It is incredible what has been an Inspiration to Niki for hundreds of millions of people. His life has many impressed me. If there is someone who has never given up, then the Niki is. What he has is for rear shots. As he got out fought. And, finally, as he stood back on top.

This is impressive, this is huge. For this Inspiration, we can all be grateful, because we all have taken something from Niki on our way and will keep him in memory.

Fullscreen ©Paul Ripke

After his death, I try to remember the beautiful moments with Niki. At the same time, I think, but of course also to his family. Especially to his two small children. There goes me cold in the back. This is currently probably the most moving for me. I think about you a lot.

He has influenced a whole Era of the Mercedes silver arrows and relevant to today’s dominance of the Teams involved. Not only as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Mercedes formula 1 Teams (since 2012, Anm. d. Red.), but also as a team member – always at eye level.


Niki Lauda (centre) and Nico Rosberg (R)

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Also my successes he has helped to shape a strong. Therefore, I have to give Niki a huge thanks. For what he has given me for my life. This is huge and I am very, very grateful for him and his support.

Niki was the strength that he always left the door open, and for him all the doors were open. He didn’t leave a scorched earth. “You always meet twice in life”, which was a large Motto of him and he has always lived. In this regard, I have taken a lot of Niki on my way. I have learned a lot from him.

Thank you, Niki.

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Dear Niki. Thank you for everything. I have also learned so much from you. Your sufferings creating with your spirit, your strength as compensation, and even your patience with us young drivers! I and your 100 million giants fans where you in your life so much encouragement didn’t give in hard times to give up thinking very highly of you and your family. Rest in peace. Nico Dear Niki. Thank you for everything that you did for me. I learned so much from you. Your passion, your fighting spirit, never give up, your was that you always meet twice in life, and even your patience with us youngsters. Myself and all of your 100 million fans around the world whom you so strongly inspired to never give up in the hardest of times are thinking of you and your family and wish that you Rest in Peace. #formula1 #f1 #Formula1 #nikilauda #lauda #mercedesamgf1

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