Photo credit: the telegram-channel “Moscow 24”

the Unknown man with a knife climbed on the hood of the shop around the underground “Shchelkovo” and threatened to harm himself. On the street
the 9-th Parkovaya instantly formed a crowd of people, an ambulance arrived and the police. At the moment the man is taken to the police. One of the witnesses Dmitry told Moscow 24 about what he saw.

Dmitry walked down the street to the bus stop around 16:20 and saw that on the road is a fire truck. “Thought the fire, but the smoke was not any. Then the tape on the sidewalk, a crowd of people, fire truck, ambulance and police. I walked over and asked: “What’s happening?” Some woman said it was something on the roof, the man walks with a piece of glass in hand,” says an eyewitness.

Photos: provided by the witness

Dmitry said that the mood of the crowd was mixed: some stood in confusion, others shocked and some even laughed, assuming that “the guy wanted to attract attention.”

“I was scared, I had not experienced such “surprises”. Chose to go by the underpass to the other side of the street and go on to stop”, – said Dmitry.

Photos: provided by the witness

the man held the conversation in the office. According to some media reports, the detainee may have been under the influence of drugs.

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