Japanese man sentenced to death for the murder of 19 people with disabilities

Photo credit: TASS/Valery sharifulin

In Japan, a local resident was sentenced to death because he killed 19 people with disabilities. A terrible incident happened in 2016, transfers “the Newspaper.ru”.

it is Noted that Satoshi Uematsu attacked with a knife on residents organization for people with intellectual disabilities, based in Sagamihara. As a result, the victims of the stabbing were 19 patients with a disability, another 20 people were injured.

Later it turned out that Uematsu was an employee of this hospital, however, a few months before the incident has resigned. On interrogation he admitted that he deliberately decided to save residents from suffering, since she sees them as people.

Earlier, five accused in the murder of a Saudi journalist Casucci sentenced to death.

the Journalist Jamal Casucci went missing in Turkey on October 2 last year after entered the building of the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul. 18 days Riyadh has acknowledged the death Casucci in his Embassy.

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