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Jennifer Garner “cried” when she recorded the song for the duet with Andrea Bocelli. The Hollywood actress sang with the singer on the title “Dormi Dormi Lullaby” for a special edition of his album “Si Forever: The Diamond Edition” and she admits that she had been “so incredibly nervous”.

In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, the 48-year-old said: “Is that the craziest thing? If you would just say list the 10 craziest things that have happened in your life, it would say that. ”

“I cried in the parking lot”

“I think they recorded this lovely lullaby and wanted a more maternal person who wasn’t a singer, so they came to me, but then it turned out that I really had to sing, so I had lessons for months. I was so incredibly nervous: I cried in the parking lot, I cried while I was taking it up. ”

Bocelli wasn’t present when Jennifer recorded the song, but she heard it in her ears. Ellie Goulding is also one of the stars that can be heard on the album.

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“I’ve always had an affinity for classical music and I have a weakness for a love song. It was fun and enlightening to sing in Italian – a real pleasure to record that, ”enthused the 33-year-old. (Bang)


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